As a black lover myself I Stuggle with wearing colour, I find myself wearing blacks, whites or neutrals sometimes I do pastels but that’s when I’m in a special mood that I don’t understand Β yet. Only cause I’m not much of a pink girl.

Ive come to learn to be stylish doesn’t mean to do too much, simplicity goes a long way by the way you carry yourself and accessorize. Bright colours are fun but black never fails.

“Black is an attitude”. Empowering, chic sophistication and total bad ass. It’s simply a classic that’s never out of style.

Black is always the new black.


2 thoughts on “NoIr

  1. Loving how you composed this look, the plant, composition- errryting! I’m like you, I am team #AllBlackEverything but I also love colour and pritns. Thats the great thing about style and fashion, you can play with all of these looks. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday and Happy Monday! ( :

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