The Space Between Us

That awkward space between confort and style is real ladies and gentleman.  

I have been rocking the flats for a couple of months now and to be honest I don’t feel myself but it makes sense and it’s practical for my everyday activities. 

I find myself being lazy when it come to my style because I’m such a shoe girl, I do believe the right shoes make a whole outfit. Not having the energy to wear my heels makes me look as lazy as I feel. 

I’m channeling  my old self by getting back into the grove. Trying to meet myself half way. 


When is it a definite NO to wear floral? I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan of floral print but I would say I appreciate it when it’s done differently. Not so sweet or pretty like. Settle prints speaks to me. 

I’ve always admired the whole nightwear trend that was going on a couple of seasons back but I didn’t want to make it so obvious so I went more towards the chic yet minimal vibe. 

I stared the day off in my white pumps and ended the day with the black heels.

“Hello Upper West Siders”

While in New York last year, I had to have my Gossip Girl moment and visit the Metropolitan steps Qween B (Blair Waldorf) conquered.

Welcome to the elite neighborhood of the upper west side, it felt like the only thing missing was gossip girl’s voice in the background saying “hello upper west siders”, I would have be complete.




I remember from my high school days being told that our school days will be the best times of our lives, now that I’ve been done with college I’m seeing what they meant. 

I at times find myself thinking about that particular time of my life…..from high school to college and how crazy it was,  the people I came across ( teachers/professors included) cultural differences, experiences etc. I’m greatful to it all the good and the bad. 

I honestly  got to say I’m pleased to have had the experience and path I did cause not only was it apart of what made me….well me, but it opened my mind up to incredible ways of thinking including acceptance of differences. 

As The Leaves Fall



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There is something about autumn, the change of leaves, the much cooler air and the the thing I’m more thankful for during this time is the ability to layer.

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It is the one season where everything looks so beautiful and calm. When autumn comes around I always picture New York, it’s an incredible emotion. I must say it is the best time of the year for me. So ladies and gentlemen grab the heavy coats/Jackets from the back of your wardrobe and brace yourself.

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There is a level of artistic understanding to autumn styles that I highly appreciate

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