Game Day OOTD

    It’s finally feels like fall in Memphis..WOOHOO! Not only is the weather changing but college basketball has begun. I love showing school spirit through my outfits. 

   I’m a proud tiger at University of Memphis and “We bleed blue” is our motto. Well it’s the fans motto for sure and I’m pretty sure you can guess the color that we wear on game day. If you guessed red you must be an Ole Miss or Alabama fan. Yikes! 

   This past Saturday we played against Savannah State University and we won of course. I didn’t go with the traditional fit  (All blue) but I still made my outfit fashion forward and school spirited. I wore a camel suede moto jacket, a cream sweater midi dress, black booties and of course a blue U of M hat.

Bish Better Have My Money Green

  You can’t just buy pink without thinking about Hotline Bling nowadays. The same thought process goes with hunter green with me. B^#?h Better Have My Money always comes to mind.

   I love Rihanna’s style! Whenever I buy some pieces to add to my closet I ask myself “What Would Rihanna Do?”

  This year I was part of the Black Student Association Fashion Show committee at my college. Theme for the show was 24 hours of Black Art. It was such a great experience to work with others and watch our visual unfold on the runaway. I was a little nervous because I didn’t know anyone but two people out of nine on the committee. By the end I gained seven more friends. 

   I decided to channel my inner Rihanna for the fashion show.I have some photos to share with you guys below!


River Arts Fest Going Up

    This past weekend I went to the River Arts Festival downtown Memphis on South Main. Even though I was there to write a feature story and take pictures for my journalism classes I decided to dress accordingly to the theme. 

    Fashion is art! Art tells a story about the artist’s emotions or reasoning  towards their project. I wanted to tell my story through my clothes. My hair was absolutely my favorite accessory for my fit. The rest of my fit consist of a Van Halen band tee (Forever 21), my mom 30-year-old foral skirt, and my new booties (Topshop).

Fashion Flashback

Okay you guys I know I’m always referring back to the 90’s fashion but I can’t help!

  Earlier last week the cast from Sister, Sister announced that there will be a Sister,Sister Reunion in the works. I literally died when I heard the news because this show growing up was most definitely in my top ten! This show prepared me for high school, friends, guys and FASHION.


   On another note the Mowry twins were hella fashionable on their show. If  you noticed the fashion trends from then and now its like an ongoing cycle. But even now the new fashion brands try to recreate looks from the 90s but they will never be cut from the same cloth.