Take me to the coast will ya?!

This is one of the most amazing stylist jobs I have ever seen. This is so much of my esthetic it drives my crazy. I know my clothes will have the same easy yet extremely complicated feel to them as well. These prints are to die for.IMG_2976
IMG_2977 IMG_2978IMG_2979IMG_2975IMG_2974IMG_2973

pc: Asos

Watch Yourself

Untitled 11 Untitled 12I love this monster. After reminiscing on Monsters Inc. I wanted this sweater so bad. Lazy Oaf has been on my blog time and time again because they continue to please my eyes and mind.

Here is the link and price of the sweater :http://www.lazyoaf.com/lazy-oaf-watch-yourself-sweatshirt-2

It is $65 pounds