Try me Darth my laser is better.

So I found this designer that I fell in love with her idea with the laser cutter on leather. Her idea is genius and innovative I believe. I have seen the normal cut outs of fabric you know ones that have a stencil pattern, but this one is literally verbatim from the quick sketch.I will let the design speak for itself. This is Eivira + Hart.


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Bish Better Have My Money Green

  You can’t just buy pink without thinking about Hotline Bling nowadays. The same thought process goes with hunter green with me. B^#?h Better Have My Money always comes to mind.

   I love Rihanna’s style! Whenever I buy some pieces to add to my closet I ask myself “What Would Rihanna Do?”

  This year I was part of the Black Student Association Fashion Show committee at my college. Theme for the show was 24 hours of Black Art. It was such a great experience to work with others and watch our visual unfold on the runaway. I was a little nervous because I didn’t know anyone but two people out of nine on the committee. By the end I gained seven more friends. 

   I decided to channel my inner Rihanna for the fashion show.I have some photos to share with you guys below!

Color me whatever please!

pantoneWell my people these are the lovely colors pantone has graced us with. I personally really enjoy the Airy Blue and the Dusty Cedar and of course the Potters Clay ok….ok…ok and Warm Taupe. I can’t help to love almost everything that Pantone throws my way. These colors seem very earth like thats what I love about fall colors.pantone-411f83c3


Street by style and by air

I want to let you know before I started fashion school or before I even knew I wanted to go to college for fashion design I would remember me going through all the apps on apple about “Street Style”. I would scroll thorough the 300 or so pictures usually until 3am in the morning. Street style is really my first love just because of the spontaneity and free for all be yourself type style and I absolutely love that.Street Style - Spring 2016 New York Fashion Weekmens-style-fall-fashion-2016street-style-trends-from-fall-winter-2015-2016-paris-fashion-week-5