How to get rid of Artist Block


I am absolutely amazed every time I look at Art that has a concentration for Fashion. These are the inspiration pictures I find to feed my artist appetite. I feel like whenever I get an “Artist Block” I need to re-find my inspiration to let my mind wander again with the ideas. I feel like every creative person just has a brain fart every once in a while, but there are many ways to get rid of it!!!! So DONTTTT FREAKKKK OUUTTTT. lol


  1. Go to a museum
  2. Google wander with fashion pictures (with a little wine lol)
  3. Go to a book store
  4. Take a nature walk and relax


She’s a Green….. House

So I realize that orange is my favorite color but I seem to were nothing but green. This petal pink is also the only pink I would want to wear.ย img_0218img_0049


The trend of the satin slip dress is always in according to my 90’s styling scale lol. Also the over sized jacket or bomber jacket is always different to me and was 1. really comfortable and 2. super cozy. Hope you guys love it!!img_0212img_0177img_0124


Oh hey there gorgeous people, as you know or are about to find out, I work at a showroom that caters to the stylist for their projects. It’s a fast growing establishment called Stlye Barre based in Downtown LA. 

Well we’ll be having our first event this Saturday at the LASH. It’s going to be incredible as all events hosted by Joy Bullard are. 

This particular event is a significant one as it’s the launch of Style Barre showcasing the amazing designers we hold, and it’s pretty much a pre LAFW with special performances. 

If you’re in LA would love to have you come out have a gay old time!!!!!