“Only real men wear pink”

Pink:  exposure to large amounts of pink can have a calming effect on the nerves and create physical weakness in people. come on ladies you couldn’t possibly say no to a nicely dressed man in pink. I think every man should have a soft side to there wardrobe.

menswear 448

See Spot

I think this is the front of someones album cover, but what better way to mix music and fashion. This shirt is the first I have ever seen of its kind. The cohesiveness of the circle in the right top of the shirt looks oddly placed but in the right place enough to make it look cool. Great job menswear.


Guys on the rise Music Is the Start

These are my guys they totally understand me. They are music artists and  love what they do. I find art is what connects me and all of my friends we find a way to express ourselves and we get eachother. They also have the dopest styles for guys that I know. Chi town and Cali bring the heat in the fashion department and from these two Guys you can tell.