Poisoneux first show!!!!

img_3509You know what you guys I commend any event planner because this was not AT ALL a walk in the park. I can’t even start to tell you what all goes into it because I would write a whole book.The fact of the matter is that it was a success and I would like to thank everyone that helped seriously.


I will be adding the picture of the show to our the IG: page @poisoneux__

please be free to take a look at everything!!!!! and shop your little life away!!!


The website is      !!!    www.poisoneux.coimg_3501img_3514

Guys on the rise Music Is the Start

These are my guys they totally understand me. They are music artists and  love what they do. I find art is what connects me and all of my friends we find a way to express ourselves and we get eachother. They also have the dopest styles for guys that I know. Chi town and Cali bring the heat in the fashion department and from these two Guys you can tell.