Color me whatever please!

pantoneWell my people these are the lovely colors pantone has graced us with. I personally really enjoy the Airy Blue and the Dusty Cedar and of course the Potters Clay ok….ok…ok and Warm Taupe. I can’t help to love almost everything that Pantone throws my way. These colors seem very earth like thats what I love about fall colors.pantone-411f83c3


Official not winter

So I have had a photoshoot for my clothing company. It looks so autumn meets children of the corn meets sporty spice lol and I love every part of it. Poisoneux is not presenting the fall collection. GO VISIT and shop our Exclusives . I have learned quite a bit in my photography (by what my dad taught me) but I still have plenty to go. My Styling I think im finding my way lol but still have far to go there too. img_3439img_3440img_3441img_3442img_3443

I can see right through you


SO of course Riri is my girl (I say that like I know her lol ) but I know her through the spirit of fashion 🙂 Even with something as simple as an embroidered hat. You can find these hats on my website !!!!!gallery-1452277889-rihanna-dad-hat2I have fallen in love with this collection I know I am a huge person for 90’s plastic fashion. There is nothing like a mix of things that are not expected to be exciting. The contrast between transparent, and opaque. The contrast between complex and simple.I am amazed.vincent-fw-2013-15-600x750vincent-fw-2013-10-600x750vincent-fw-2013-05-600x750


                What I’ve learned in the Fashion Industry/and School

*Just accept “Urgency” to be apart of your life, and take ooovver in a gust of Pocahontas wind, because it will never change,you should know.

*Watch who you trust.

*Your ideas are too creative just “Make it Work”- Tim Gunn

*Be confident because you are original

*To never give up….as much as my teachers and bosses give me a hard time its only because they can spot potential.

Take over, because you should trust your ideas because you never give up its only potential.