Finding Nemo n’ friends



Can we all say “Innovative”? If this isn’t creative and absolutely breath taking I don’t know what is. I know that PEDA and the other people have a problem with it but you guys think of it as a portable pet taker-arounder. Everyone wins honestlyfish-bag-537x402 portable-fishbowl-handbag_3 5 fishfashion03 cassandra-verity-green-goldfish-bag-1-537x402

West Side Woman

west IMG_9950 IMG_9952

West Side i am moving. I am the queen at laid back fashion. I bought this button up for Goodwill for $4.99 and D.I.Yed these shorts and also this crop top believe it or not this crop top use to be a very ugly denim dress. This outfit reminds me of a flag that just threw up and the colors happened to land on me. lol But i love every bit of this outfit.

Summer Shoe Haul goldie locks

IMG_9990 IMG_9991


These are my favorite sandals of the summer. they were only $5 ย from Rue 21. I can always find really great sale shoes in that store.