“Hello Upper West Siders”

While in New York last year, I had to have my Gossip Girl moment and visit the Metropolitan steps Qween B (Blair Waldorf) conquered.

Welcome to the elite neighborhood of the upper west side, it felt like the only thing missing was gossip girl’s voice in the background saying “hello upper west siders”, I would have be complete.




I remember from my high school days being told that our school days will be the best times of our lives, now that I’ve been done with college I’m seeing what they meant. 

I at times find myself thinking about that particular time of my life…..from high school to college and how crazy it was,  the people I came across ( teachers/professors included) cultural differences, experiences etc. I’m greatful to it all the good and the bad. 

I honestly  got to say I’m pleased to have had the experience and path I did cause not only was it apart of what made me….well me, but it opened my mind up to incredible ways of thinking including acceptance of differences.