Twisted Romance 

On the runway, Zimmermann for sure did not disappoint my heart. With the mixtures of plaid, lace and a look of sheer fabrication got me feeling butterflies. A fabulous collection of flirty cuts and feminine prints and use of frills. She still kept her signature youthful feel. 

Seeing this collection gives me such inspiration and excitement for spring. Clearly I can not afford a Zimmermann piece but the ability to recreate the looks is stimulating. Another reason I’m so in love with this collection is how it influenced my ability to be more in touch with my feminine side, something I’m just getting into more and more. 

“Versatility of era” comes to mind once setting eyes on the collection. With feels of vintage, Victorian and a modern mood constructs a poetic romantic drama. 


Print Party People!!!

Funny thing is when I get dressed this is how my mind wants me to look, but when I pick out clothes it never seems this easy. I all depends on taste and the way you put it together. You have to clash but not be tacky. Its a fun challenge trust me. I have totally branched out my style to mixing prints and being ok about it. Try it and send me your pictures I would love you put you on my blog. Also comment and tell me what you think about prints on prints. 🙂 (My info is below)IMG_2938 IMG_2937Khasi email: