Shade my Life

090613_Tommy_Ton_S2014RTW_slide_215You can’t tell me this is one of the most amazing hats you have ever seen. Sun visor x 10!

Bandanna me Nanna

Nike is amazing for coming out with these opening ceremony outfits for the Olympics. As simple as they are they are executed very well. By using the fabric they did it may come off as cheap or thin but they are simple enough to look original. Way to go Nike.14609-the-adidas-originals-and-opening-ceremony-collab-goes-for-the-gold-stylecaster-news 0e2de7f04236b38c70b0981fcb20-400x349 oc_adidas_01 1ded745151d6446468426fdeee307a0c

Accessary haul #1

IMG_0374 IMG_0373 IMG_0372 IMG_0376 IMG_0375Well hey you guys!

I just recently decided instead of making a bag for my school supplies I would treat myself for my birthday and buy a nice one. I am all about deals, and I know how to work everything I have. This bag only cost me $25. I love ย  Los Angeles for the fashion district. They have everything I could possibly need. It is in great quality and has enough room to fit my extra big scissors and ruler. Funny thing is everyone thinks it is a name brand bag. Who needs name brand when you have super-cute and great quality?name

Beyond Geo and Gigi


I really enjoy Givenchy. He and his team do the most amazing looking pieces that will remain relevant for years. The way that he manipulates all his clothing really take it to the next level ( not like he hasn’t gotten there already), ย but he is a huge inspiration to me and my style.xlost-boys-wallpaper.jpeg.pagespeed.ic.NFf_EHaLar